Lost and Found || Scorpius and Guess Who

Scorpius ran a hand through his hair, terribly distraught. His nights were being plagued by nightmares again, and only he was there to ward them off now that his best friend wasn’t an option for calling upon her for a midnight stroll. As a result, he’d grown tired and evasive during the daylight, drawing out a noticeable reaction from his fellow Slytherins and the select few teachers that actually liked him. Dark bags had grown under his eyes, giving the impression of distinct sleeplessness, and he’d grown restless unless he was secluded in the dark chambers inside the dungeons. 

Snatching up a bottle of Ogden’s Old from beneath his bed, he concealed the drink inside his cloak as he made his way distractedly towards the Room of Requirement. The common rooms weren’t an option anymore; he’d seen Lily and Augustus at the ball and didn’t think he could handle having them together. How was it she’d gotten over him so quickly? He was usually the one leaving the girls behind in the dust. That’s because this time’s different, a malevolent voice within him chided snidely as he paced back and forth before the wall, thinking only that he wished for a quiet place to think. He didn’t have the energy to specify. 

Once he was able to enter through the shifty door, he sat down on the sofa that the room nad conjured up for him, taking a swig from the bottle and thinking. He’d never been this hung up on a girl before, ever. Besides, they’d never gotten around to talking things through. He’d kept her letter folded inside his trunk, yes, but he’d never replied. They hadn’t spoken since the incident in the locker rooms. For a moment his gut wrenched and he wondered if she was alright…and then he remembered that she must be; she’d been at the ball, hadn’t she? And Merlin, she’d looked stunning…though he had tried his hardest not to notice. Was it really that bad? Lupin admitted it was just a kiss, she’d apologized twice, and, hell, he’d done worse, hadn’t he? Just as he made up his mind to talk to her soon, he was startled out of his dazed stupor by the sound of the door creaking open.

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