What to do | Lily & Scorpius

Scorpius walked alongside Lily nervously. It was ridiculous; he’d never been this anxious with a girl before, ever. Then again, he supposed he’d never taken any of them on a proper date to Hogsmeade, so perhaps that aided in his odd discomfort. As they wandered through the snowy streets, his arm linked with hers and ending in his warm jacket pocket, his mind was rapidly trying to think of places where to take her. Honeydukes, if his guess was correct, would be filled to the brim. And he knew that everyone would be hanging out at the Three Broomsticks, so that option was out. 

He tried to remember any dating advice his father might’ve given him, before bitterly realising that he’d never gotten any - after all, his father’s marriage had been arranged, and so he’d never had to worry too much about girlfriends during his teenage years. He looked over at Lily, whose cheeks were rosy with the cold, before remembering that he’d overheard a girl at school gushing about being taken to Madam Puddifoot’s. Apparently, it was a proper place for a date. 

"Hey," he asked her suddenly, "fancy a coffee?"

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